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Monday, November 12, 2012

Kidney Transplants

A diseased kidney can be more than just harmful for your health. It can be fatal too. Kidney is the main filtration system of our body, which, on failure, can lead to the development of serious health problems. A body without kidney is nearly similar to a filter without a sieve. Kidney failures (renal failure), kidney damage or injury and kidney cancer may invariably lead to kidney transplant surgery. This article will provide you some information on the types of kidney transplants and beneficial detail.

To remove a basic misconception. Kidney transplant surgery is not similar to kidney operation. Kidney transplant includes removal of kidney, which is totally affected, either by oncogenic cells or some other damages and then replacing that kidney with another one. The new kidney is donated by a living person and also in certain cases after death, if the individual has opted as a donor. It is then transplanted on a given condition that it matches with vital biological factors (blood group, tissue type, RH factor etc.) of the recipient.

Kidney surgeries can be successful and avoid transplant, if the diagnosis is made at the earlier state of the disease. If that is not the case then a kidney transplant is done. Kidney transplants increase life expectancy; in fact patients have been known to survive thirty years after kidney transplant. In getting a kidney transplant, it is crucial that you are aware of the basic pros and cons of kidney treatment in various countries.

Nephrectomy and other kidney operations are done effectively all over the world, especially in, Asia, Europe and Mexico, but it is obvious that you will try to go for the best possible option for your dear ones. Cost of kidney transplant is lower in India; this does not in any way mean that the quality is compromised. We do realize India is quite the distance to travel, for patients looking for a solution closer at home. We also offer kidney transplants in Mexico. PlanetHospital has highly qualified Doctors at the best institutions in our team in Mexico.

However, during an emergency opting for the nearest facility that offers kidney transplant options would be the best and convenient choice. It is advisable because, travelling long distances with a critical patient is not at all safe and convenient

Kidney disease can be fought to bring back the patient to a normal life, with a bit of awareness and knowledge. Awareness of information about kidney diseases, their symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, is a start to finding solutions for patients with kidney transplants.

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